Del Puerto Canyon

an A,B,C Ride


Ride Details: This is one of our most popular rides. If you are directionally challenged, this is your ride.
Distance:   33, 43 or 50 miles, moderate to hard climbing

Turn by turn:   Go South on Rogers Rd
                             Right on Sperry Rd, cross under Freeway (I-5)
                             Right on Del Puerto Canyon Rd
                             If you get tired, turn around and head back

The ride to DPC Recreational Vehicle Park just past Frank Raines Parks and on the right is 17 miles out and then 17 miles back. It’s mostly uphill on the way to the park, and mostly downhill back.

Past the park, the climbing become more intense.  A little further up the road is the “Wall”, a term used to describe  a mile and a half long climb that will take a moderate to strong rider 16 to 22 minutes to climb. It is a definite challenge that you will want to give yourself "Kudos" for at the County Line.  This is your 43 mile option.

The descent from the county line back down into the canyon should be done with caution. It is a steep descent and the road  has rough spots. Holding on to the handlebars firmly is highly recommended.

You are advised to use both hands on the handlebars all the way down. Control your speed with your brakes or you’ll find yourself approaching 40 miles per hour really quick.

From the county line at the top of the canyon to the “junction” is a smooth downhill, across several cattle guards which will add about 7 miles to your total mileage for the day.

If you made it to the top, you will likely be encouraged by the group to go to the junction.
The return ride to Patterson can be a fast and thrilling ride, if you have some “legs” left after the climb. You’ll need to save a little bit for the last three miles, as you will get to do just a little more climbing before getting back to the start.

ADDRESS:  SCBC - P.O. Box 576731  Modesto CA  95357-6731



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