Double Hawkins Ride

      an A,B,C         


 Start times:      Dec/ Jan                               Feb/Apr                               June / Aug                         Sept/Nov                            
                             A/B Ride: 9:00 AM              A/B Ride: 8:00 AM             A/B Ride: 7:00 AM            A/B Ride: 8:00 AM       
                             C Ride: 9:45 AM                  C Ride: 8:45 AM                  C Ride: 7:45 AM                C Ride: 8:45 AM                              


Ride Descriptions:  A,B & C riders start at Ace Hardware in Waterford, 48 miles.


Ride Map & "Q" sheet:




South on "F" street out of Ace Hardware parking lot..

Cross bridge and left turn onto Lake Road.

Turn right onto Montpellier.

Turn left onto Keyes Rd.

Turn left onto Hawkins Rd. 1st run

Turn right onto Lake Rd.

Turn right onto Los Cerritos Rd.

Turn right onto Keys Rd.

Turn right onto Hawkins Rd.  2nd run

Turn left onto Lake Rd.

Turn right onto Hickman Rd.

Cross bridge and turn into Ace Hardware parking lot. 


ADDRESS:  SCBC - P.O. Box 576731  Modesto CA  95357-6731



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