Monday Through Friday Rides

Thank you SCBC ride coordinator Susan Dion.

Sunday Afternoon Ride   2:00 pm - Village One Plaza, 3020 Floyd Ave, Modesto

       Wait and 'C' ride for beginners and/or a ride done at a 'C' pace. 15 or 30 miles by group vote.

       E-mail Susan at to confirm each week.


Monday Night Ride -         6:00 pm - Start at Esmeralda's, 1222 W Colony Road, Ripon


Tuesday Morning Ride - 9:00 am - Start Location: 1200 Carrie CT, Modesto Tuesday Ride  Click on BLUE for routes

                               For information contact:  Cynthia,


Friday Breakfast Ride -     9:00 am - Start Location - 2217 Christmas Tree Court, Riverbank  

The START TIME is 9 am from Christmas Tree Ct, Riverbank.  This no-drop ride stops for breakfast in Oakdale at Cindy's 800 N Yosemite, then proceeds around Woodward Reservoir.  For information contact:


NOTE:  Ride times are listed on the monthly schedule or can be found by clicking on the ride name shown in BLUE 

For A, B, C ride description see Ride Designation on Ride Schedule drop down or   Ride Designation


                                                            November 2018 Ride Calendar.pdf                                                                      

November - Weekend/Holiday Rides:  Click on name in BLUE for information. 

November 2018

NOTE:  Starting Time for all rides is 8:00 am unless otherwise stated.  

Nov 3      -       Stouffer Park Ride Ripon                    leader:  Jack Quinnett  

Nov 4      -       Knights Ferry Breakfast Ride              leader:  Judy M

Nov 10    -       Bike Lanes of Modesto        leader: Susan, Richard   Start time 8:00    

Nov 11    -       Ride to Ripon                                             leader:  Debbie,       Leaves from Raley's, Roselle&Floyd

Nov 17    -       Del Puerto Canyon Ride                     leader:  Richard                                   

Nov 18    -       50's Dinner                                          leader:  Mark S

Nov 24    -       Double Hawkins                                  leader:  Mark Z         

Nov 25    -         TBA      

December-Weekends/Holiday Rides:  Click on name in BLUE for information. 

December 2018

NOTE:  Starting Time for all rides is 9:00 am unless otherwise stated.  

Dec 1    -      Stouffer Park Ripon                           leader:  Jack Quinnett, Stouffer Park Ripon 

Dec 2    -        Knights Ferry Breakfast Ride             leader: Judy M.   

Dec 8   -        Bike Lanes of Modesto        leader:  Susan & Richard

Dec 9   -        Waterford to Oakdale                             leader:  Susan

Dec 15   -      50's Dinner                                          leader:  Mark S                                                          

Dec 16   -      Del Puerto Canyon Ride                      leader:  Debbie S  

Dec 22   -      Double Hawkins                                   leader:  Mark Z   

Dec 23   -     TBA  

Dec 29   -      TBA

Dec 30   -      TBA

Dec 31   -      TBA 

ADDRESS:  SCBC - P.O. Box 576731  Modesto CA  95357-6731



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