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You may have noticed that recently many new Bike Lane features have been installed throughout the City of Modesto. The link to the videos below will provide information on how to properly use these bike lanes, whether your vehicle of choice is a bike or a car. The City of Edmonton in Alberta Canada has so kindly allowed us to use these videos for educational and outreach purposes. In 2014 The City of Edmonton received a "Transportation Safety Council Edmund R. Ricker award" from the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) for the production of the "LEGO Bicycle Education Videos Outreach Program". These videos are fun and informative, so sit back, watch and learn about how to use bike lanes.

View Bike Lane Videos

Beginning in February, we will be adding a new ride to our schedule.
The Bike Lanes of Modesto ride will tour Modesto on Class 1, 2, 3 & 4 bike lanes.
Mileage will depend on those riding.  This ride is scheduled for the 2nd Saturday
of each month at 8:00, start at MJC East and be lead by Richard and Susan.  All levels of
riders are encouraged to come ride with us!  This is a great ride for beginners or
new members but experienced riders will enjoy learning about the new bike lanes being
added to Modesto.  It is great for our community to see us appreciate and use these  bike lanes!

A variety of Class I, II, III and IV bikeways are located throughout the city. The four types of bikeways are defined as follows:

  • Class I - Typically called a “bike path,” a Class I bikeway provides bicycle travel on a paved right-of-way completely separated from any street or highway.
  • Class II - Often referred to as a “bike lane,” a Class II bikeway provides a striped and stenciled lane for one-way travel on a street or highway.
  • Class III - Generally referred to as a “bike route,” a Class III bikeway provides for shared use with pedestrian or motor vehicle traffic and is identified only by signing.
  • Class IV - Cycle tracks or separated bikeways provide a right-of-way designated exclusively for bicycle travel adjacent to a roadway and which are protected from vehicular traffic.

For more information, call (209) 571-5552.  


City of Modesto
Existing Bicycle System

Click this link to see Modesto Bikeway Path Map:

ADDRESS:  SCBC - P.O. Box 576731  Modesto CA  95357-6731



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