A, B, C, D - Ride Designation

A ride:  Fast 21+ mph, paceline riding, no obligation to regroup or wait.

B ride:  Brisk 16-20 mph,  experienced rider, waits for slower riders.

C ride:  Moderate 12-15 mph, Beginning to good riders, regroups, no drop ride.

D ride:  Leisurely 10-12 mph, Family with children over 12, regroups, waits.

MPH is based on a flat ride.  Ride will vary due to terrain and weather conditions.


Start times:        Dec/ Jan                               Feb/Apr                               June / Aug                        Sept/Nov                           
                              A/B Ride: 9:00 AM              A/B Ride: 8:00 AM             A/B Ride: 7:00 AM           A/B Ride: 8:00 AM      
                              C Ride: 9:45 AM                  C Ride: 8:45 AM                 C Ride: 7:45 AM                C Ride: 8:45 AM                              

For scheduled rides click on the lettering "Ride Schedules" on the menu bar. 

ADDRESS:  SCBC - P.O. Box 576731  Modesto CA  95357-6731



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