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The store will reopen to anyone who would like to purchase club apparel on March 1, 2019.

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Stanislaus Bicycle Club January 1st Membership

Breakfast ride to  Frank Raines Off Road Park in Del Puerto Canyon






                                                                            SCBC 2019 Membership Application 

Historic Knights Ferry Golden Hills Century 2018 Photo Link…/1O1R5p6rgKFAFqdkUv3zeLwWF5AAYEMh…

New Share The Road Signs on Woodland Ave in Modesto and Rodden Road in Oakdale 





  New SHARE THE ROAD sign on Rodden road.  This is the third Share The Road sign placed on Rodden.  The first two were placed at the corner of Rodden & 28 mile road and were cut down and taken. 

  Share the road signs have been taken from Rodden & 28 Mile road (2), from 26 mile road by Milton & Sonora roads (2), from 26 Mile road 1/4 mile North or Albers (1) and the Bicycle part of the sign was taken from Orange Blossom Road & Rodden.

  The Knights Ferry, Eugene, Oakdale area.  So keep your eyes open and let a board member or the Stanislaus County Department of Public Works know is you see one missing. 




 Stanislaus County Bicycle Club members RJ Corwin, John Gerling, and Chuck Shoup  recently met with Stanislaus County Department of Public Works staff regarding the club's "Share The Road" sign project. Our goal is to improve the safety of those who ride this overpass daily and who ride on other roads in Stanislaus County. An anonymous donor paid for these signs.

Thank you to the Stanislaus County Department of Public Works for working to make county roads safer for all.

To All SCBC Members who have Logged into SCBC's Website (must be logged in),  be sure to check out the exclusive "MEMBERS ONLY" section located by clicking on the 3 dashs.   There is also a special section called "Riding the YouTube"  with videos featuring Biking ! Some fun & Some instructional.          


ADDRESS:  SCBC - P.O. Box 576731  Modesto CA  95357-6731



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